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ProSky Aviation is a division of ProSky Studio that has been in the making for nearly five years. Over this period of time, our team has blazed new trails in aerial imaging by combining certain components and processes of unmanned aerial systems management with manned flight platforms.

When we started ProSky Studio, our goal was to compete in the traditional aerial space by offering lower-cost aerial imaging on demand. Over the years, many clients have approached us requiring imaging from altitudes above or in areas where operating a drone was not allowed or safe.

Our goal was simple: provide compelling aerial content reliably, and at a lower cost than traditional platforms so that every industry could benefit from aerial imaging. And our journey led us back to where aerial imaging first began: the airplane.


Achieving this goal required dedication, hard work, and outside-the-box thinking.


It's true: hard work does pay off. Our proprietary image collection and processing platform allows us to capture high-resolution images for customers in various industries.


Your Team

Michael Arnold

Commercial Pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor

Stone Schaefer

Photographer, Videographer
& Data Collection

Brennan Campa

Photographer & Data Processing

Michele Arnold

Accounts Administrator

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