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About Us

Innovation + Expertise = Increased Value.


ProSky Aviation is a division of ProSky Studio that is dedicated to fulfilling aerial services for the company. From the founding of our organization, we blazed new trails in aerial photography, aerial mapping, production, and marketing.

When we started ProSky Studio, our goal was to compete in the traditional aerial space by offering lower-cost aerial imaging on demand. Over the years, many clients have approached us requiring imaging from altitudes above or in areas where operating a drone was not allowed or safe.


By combining certain components and processes of unmanned aerial systems management with piloted flight platforms, ProSky Aviation has closed the gap in aerial content capture.

Through this level of innovation and team expertise, we are able to provide compelling aerial content reliably and at a lower cost than traditional platforms. Now, every industry can benefit from aerial imaging.


Achieving this goal required dedication, hard work, and outside-the-box thinking.


Pairing these aerial capture services with our marketing capability added even more value to our longer would they need to work with multiple vendors for polished, actionable content.


Your Team

Michael Arnold

Commercial Pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor

Stone Schaefer

Photographer, Videographer
& Data Collection

Brennan Campa

Photographer & Data Processing

Michele Arnold

Accounts Administrator

Looking for more than just raw content?

We offer turn-key production services.

Ready to get to work?

We can't wait to speak with you! Contact us by phone or email.

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