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Captivate your target audience with stunning high-altitude aerial photography.


Drones can only legally fly to 400 feet above the ground, but that limitation vanishes with ProSky Aviation.


Using our capable aircraft and high-resolution cameras, we can fly to higher altitudes to capture your subject matter with precision and clarity.

Sometimes your subject area is simply too large to capture with low altitude aerial technologies like drones.

ProSky Aviation fills the gap by harnessing the power of our airplane to fly at altitudes and distances that allow us to capture even the most expansive subjects in frame.

We use 4K cameras to capture breathtaking cinema-quality videos that are sure to stun your audience.

Aerial mapping seems to have come full circle for ProSky. We started out mapping with drones, but quickly realized that many areas were too large to utilize this technology.

For the last several years, ProSky has been developing a proprietary hybrid system that utilizes the precise control and navigation of drones and blending these functions with a manned aircraft.

Coming in Q3 2019.

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